Saltash Waterfront & the Saltash Coastal Community Team

The Saltash Coastal Community Team (CCT) has created an Economic Plan which aims to promote economic activity in Saltash as a whole (and the Waterside area in particular) through encouraging tourists and local people to visit the area. This is an aim that sits squarely and well-integrated with the vision and aims of this Neighbourhood Plan. The Economic Plan also provides an avenue to grant aid investment from the national Coastal Community Fund scheme. You can find links to the economic plan at the bottom of this page.

The Waterside Improvements: “Thoughts and Ideas’ Community Consultation

To take the Economic Plan forward, the CCT has developed some concepts for the future treatment of the Waterfront, and has sought community views on them.

To see the presentation that introduces the concepts, please  click here:

Saltash Waterfront Presentation

Policy WF1 of the draft Saltash Neighbourhood Plan sets criteria to help manage the implementation of the Economic Plan, and ensure that any environmental side effects are kept to an acceptable minimum.

The CCT Team have been awarded £50,000 of Government grant to develop the scheme in moe detail.

The Economic Plan

Saltash CCT Economic Plan

Saltash CCT Economic Plan Fig 5

Saltash CCT Economic Plan Fig 6

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