Cornwall Council Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document 2017

The Biodiversity SPD sets out a new approach by Cornwall Council for achieving a gain for nature, or at worst no net loss, within development sites. It does this by encouraging green and blue space within development sites, such as parks, ponds and corridors of open green space along rivers and hedges.

For the first time the SPD contains clear guidelines for how developers should approach hedge protection and creation as these are very important features for wildlife within our landscape. Importantly it also gives prescriptive measures for the provision of bat and bird boxes, and bee bricks which are to be built into dwellings, to make sure that our built environment makes space for nature. It also sets out more clearly the quality of ecological reporting which we expect, including the requirements of the British Standard for Biodiversity, BS42020.

For a copy see here: CC Biodiversity SPD v4

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