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Community Engagement Results

To begin at the beginning…..Stalls were set up at various community events and views taken from attendees plus basic survey activity on the day. This resulted in data that was mostly qualitative in nature, gleaned from young people and the older age ranges.

The themes that emerged were:

• Local Services – threats, responding to growth pressures, lack of range, impact of growth on quality;

• Open spaces – amount, location, condition, protection;

• Housing – too many big estates, need more small scale, infill, and to balance the housing market, whilst improving quality of design;

• Town Centre – its offer needs improving to tackle the impact of supermarkets, and improve the street scene;

• Transport bus routes need improving, reduce congestion, tackle eyesore at railway station;

• Environment – our setting is very special, it must be protected, as must our heritage assets;

• Community spirit very good, protect and build on it;

• Our young have high expectations on range of services, jobs, entertainment, transport

People say Saltash needs…..

All needs

People say they like about Saltash….

People say they like about SaltashWith this information, we then ‘scoped’ out the next stage.

Detailed Survey 2015

Taking into account these themes, and to help us work up the Neighbourhood Development Plan strategy, and the policies need to deliver it, we conducted a more in-depth three part survey that was open throughout summer of 2015.

We distributed questionnaires to as many households as we could reach, a total of 6,764 in all, which involved walking 96 miles in 49 hours spread over three weeks! We also distributed a survey for younger people, and a survey for local businesses.

We also held three drop in sessions at differing times and locations so that residents and businesses could access more detailed discussions about the issues and challenges facing Saltash and the potential planning solutions to them.

In reply, we had 1438 responses from residents,  48 responses to youth survey and 41 responses to the business survey.

What the Community Told Us

You told us that in future, Saltash should be a safe, friendly, attractive riverside location, that is prosperous, tranquil, green and eco-friendly.  To achieve this you said that the Neighbourhood Plan should protect and improve green spaces, create better linkages around the town by foot, cycle, road and rail, and strengthen our existing neighbourhoods. You said that more recreation opportunities and better jobs were needed, and that new housing should be in a mix of types that meets community needs. All of this would help build on the existing good ‘sense of community’ in Saltash.

Most of you said that you needed to travel outside Saltash for many services and facilities, and that better local leisure and shopping was needed. You said that more variety and better quality shops were needed in Fore Street, and that more sports, play and entertainment facilities should be provided.

A large majority of you were in favour of improving the ‘evening economy’ of Saltash town centre, through improved community safety, more restaurants and cafes, more events, and good links down to the waterfront. Similarly a majority supported environmental improvements and more leisure uses on the waterfront.

Many of you were also concerned about the need for environmental improvements, picking out the station, parts of waterside, and Carkeel roundabout in particular.

If you want to see a more detailed analysis, have a look at this: Saltash NP Community Engagement Survey Summer 2015

You can see the more detailed results from local businesses here:

Business Survey Full Analysis

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What happened to the information from the survey?

The survey results were examined in detail by working groups, who used them to help shape proposals to go into the Neighbourhood Plan. Information from the survey was also passed to the Town Council and other bodies for their information and use in designing future services for the town.