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neighbourhood plan Referendum date announced!

Cornwall Council has announced that the Referendum on whether the Saltash Neighbourhood Development Plan should be used to decide planning applications is to be held on 17th March 2022.

This will be your chance to vote for or against the use in planning decisions of a Plan that has been drawn up by the local community.

Cornwall Council will be issuing voting slips to all registered electors in Saltash in the next couple of weeks. Watch out for them!

We will publish more details soon.

Saltash Neighbourhood Plan ready to launch!

Following two years hard work by the working groups and drafting team, studying the evidence and analysing community comments on what the issues for Saltash area , we now have a Neighbourhood Plan just about ready to publish. We are currently seeking a ‘screening opinion’ to see if a Strategic Environment Assessment is required, and the Plan will be formerly published for community consultation. Further news soon…

Working Groups hard at it!

The working groups of councillors and volunteers studying various themes such as housing and employment have been working hard over winter to identify projects, proposals and planning policies to take Saltash forward to 2013 and beyond. The groups are now beginning to wrap-up their work and now spring is here the exciting work of writing the Neighbourhood Pan can begin! Watch out for announcements of new community involvement opportunities.





Saltash residents have returned over 1000 questionnaires in Saltash Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan Survey. ‘That’s a fantastic level of response’ said Councillor David Yates, who leads the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. ‘It’s better than we hoped for, and we think may be the biggest ever response to this type of survey in Saltash. It shows how our residents are really concerned about the future planning of the area, and want to make use of the new Neighbourhood Planning system to have some real local control over issues.’

A lot of effort was put into raising awareness of the survey  including three special ‘drop in’ exhibition sessions, a mini exhibition at the Library, stands at the Saltash Regatta, the Saltash Sustainability Show, and the 50th Anniversary,  and attendances at various local meetings such as a Wesley coffee morning and Latchbrook Neighbourhood Association AGM.

‘We also distributed questionnaires to as many households as we could reach, a total of 6,764 in all, which involved walking 96 miles in 49 hours spread over three weeks!’ said Cllr Yates.

‘A steady stream of questionnaires is continuing to arrive, so we are extending the deadline for replies to the end of August to make sure all who want to have their say get a chance to comment’ Cllr Yates added. ‘We are also holding a final ‘drop in’ exhibition session, on the 20th August at Waitrose’s car park, to give busy families the chance to combine shopping with a say on the Plan.’

During September the response to the survey will be analysed, after which local volunteers will be asked to take part in workshops to develop various options and work in ‘Theme Teams’ to develop ideas and draft planning policies. When the Neighbourhood Plan is written, it will go through a local referendum of all electors in Saltash, and if approved, will become part of the legal Development Plan. It will then, by law, have to be taken into account when future planning applications are decided by Cornwall Council, or by Government Planning Inspectors.


Note to editors:


Saltash Town Council want local people and businesses to be involved as deeply as possible in the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan for the town to guide future development, so that it is truly a plan for the community, made by and approved by the community.

This new type of plan, made under new Council powers from the Localism Act 2011, gives everyone who lives in the area the legal right to be involved in drawing up the plan. When it’s written, the plan has to be agreed through a local referendum, and then becomes ‘made’ in law and must be taken into account when important planning decisions are made by Cornwall Council or Planning Inspectors.

It will give local people a real say in how their community develops and support the things that make Saltash a pleasant place to live, work, learn and visit.

This questionnaire survey is just the first chance to have a say in what the Plan should deal with. The Town Council will be coming back for lots more community involvement as the Plan develops. After the feedback to the questionnaire has been analysed, local volunteers will be asked to work in ‘Theme Teams’ to work up ideas and draft planning policies, and holding workshops to collect views on various options, so please watch out for more news.

Contact: for more information:

Councillor David Yates Tel No…. Tel No: 01752-843260


Steve Besford-Foster Tel No: 07786065245


Keep it simple, say Locality

In May, Locality released a guide to help neighbourhood planning groups think through how to produce a simple plan. ‘No-one should be put off by fear of the procedures or by thinking you need to prepare a long and complex document. It is the community’s plan and needs only to deal with the planning issues that matter to you.’ – Tony Burton.

You can find the Keeping it Simple guide here

The Power of Neighbourhood Planning

Locality has issued a new document explaining how Neighbourhood planning is ‘designed to provide a powerful set of tools to ensure you get the right types of development in the right place for your community’.

It says that local residents and businesses are now in a position to make planning policies that reflect their priorities, deliver tangible local benefits and have real weight in the planning system. Hear Hear!

A copy is available here